Women’s Finance Careers: Which Jobs Are The Best?


The number of women working in finance increases every year, but there is still a significant pay discrepancy between men and women. Men in finance get an average hourly income of $40, while women earn an average hourly wage of $27. Fortunately, there are some finance roles like GreenDayOnline where things are looking up for women, so GOBankingRates looked into the best-paying finance jobs for women. Here are the top 8 financial jobs for women that we discovered.( https://www.chartattack.com/successful-digital-marketing-strategy/ )

Financial Manager 

Financial managers have a wide range of tasks. Performing data analysis for a corporation, coordinating bookkeeping, preparing financial reports, and estimating earnings are all possible responsibilities. If you can obtain it, it’s fantastic to work. According to U.S. News, this is the second-best job in business.

Purchasing Manager 

The average salary for finance professionals is $54,994 per year, so earning slightly over $70,000 is substantially above average. Purchasing managers monitor contract negotiations, purchase corporate goods and services, and prepare financial reports. Approximately 97,000 women currently hold this position.

Insurance Underwriter 

Insurance underwriters usually assess insurance applicants and recommend a plan based on their circumstances. Women in this position earn an average of $1,365 per week, far more than the average financial professional. Approximately 73,000 women hold this employment.

Manager of Compliance

Compliance manager is one of the top professions a woman in finance can have. This position is responsible for overseeing a company’s policies and procedures and adhering to legal and ethical guidelines. Currently, there are around 137,000 women employed in these positions.

Personal Finance Consultant

Approximately 154,000 women work as personal finance counselors today. A personal finance counselor needs to be well-versed in economics, but they also need to like working with individuals. Personal finance advisors help customers figure out how to achieve their financial goals while also offering investing advice.

A fund-raising event

Women who labor to raise financing for a business may earn slightly over $80,000 on average. 

Fundraisers organize and manage events to raise money or donations for a business. They usually contact potential donors to urge them to donate money and develop grant bids.

Manager of Public Relations and Fundraising

Public relations and fundraising managers is the best profession for a woman in finance. 

These individuals are often in charge of all marketing efforts, including consumers and investors. Reaching out to the media and drafting comments in response to significant company announcements are examples of job tasks. 

Most of the labor revolves around making the company appear suitable and ensuring that they have enough donors to reach its financial goals, which is a challenging job that explains why it pays so well.

Investment and Financial Analyst

The average financial analyst earns over $30,000 more than the average financial professional. Financial analysts usually examine data to provide predictions and recommendations to individuals or businesses that will help them generate more money. In most cases, they’ll also supply cost analysis reports. Investment analysts would perform the same thing, but they would concentrate on industries and assets that will provide the greatest return on investment.


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