What expenses could you stop doing to generate savings?


Have you noticed that no matter how much you “try” you can not save at all? This may be due to different factors: first, not having a savings plan , second not knowing your finances accurately and thirdly: ant expenses.

Today we will tell you what those ant expenses are and how to save money by avoiding them.

What are the ant expenses?

What are the ant expenses?

Ant expenses are those that usually go unnoticed to people. They are characterized as unnecessary consumption. The key to stop having this type of expenses is to identify them to reduce them and use this money for a more useful purpose such as opening a savings account .

The most common ant expenses

Without realizing it you are spending a lot of money every day on these “small expenses” and “tastes”, know them to save on them:

One of the most common expenses is transportation. We don’t tell you to stop moving, but be aware of how much money you spend per month on the type of mobility you use.

We give you an example: if you travel every day by Taxi from your home near Jockey Plaza to your work at the San Isidro Financial Center you should spend approximately S / 30.00 per day on transport. What per month could be S / 600.00. If you replace this habit by using public transport, you would be saving a lot of money considering that you would spend maximum S / 3.00 on daily roundtrip tickets. What would make you spend only S / .60.00 in twenty business days, that is, you would have S / 540 soles for savings.

Another ant expense is food

Another ant expense is food

Again, it is not that you stop eating, but you do replace eating out every day, by eating at home or taking your food to work. You can save more than 50% daily by cooking and bringing your own food to the office than buying it at nearby restaurants.

Unnecessary services

Unnecessary services

A third expense that can be avoided is that payment for the services we do not use. For example, there are people who hire cable service in their homes, but do not have time to use it. Duos or trios that offer discounts for packages do nothing but make you pay for services that you may not need. If you do not use cable or home phone and only use the internet then hire only this last service. You will save a lot!

These are some expenses you can reduce to improve your finances and start saving. Learning how to save is not difficult, you just have to realize what we are spending too much.


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