More job seekers seeking help through Catholic charities


COLORADO SPRINGS – Catholic charities in central Colorado are seeing increasing numbers of people in their employment center. “I lost my job during the pandemic. I’ve been looking ever since,” said a job seeker named Sherrell.

Some need help finding a job, others, feeling that life in Colorado Springs is getting more expensive, are looking for an upgrade. “We have a housing crisis, inflation, which is affecting food prices and the cost of daily living,” said Corey Almond, vice president of adult and immigrant services for Catholic Charities.

The employment center is more than a career guidance service. It is a resource for developing skills and a plan for finding a job. “People who can be in the places where they need support, guidance, encouragement and the right tools to find better stability,” Almond said. The center helps prepare people for a job search, provides computer access and provides resume suggestions.

It also helps establish links with job recruiters. Job seeker Sherrell was in the spotlight because of a job fair for Amazon. She hoped to find work with hours that would allow her to be home for her daughter at the end of the school day.

A company the size of Amazon can choose where to recruit. The reputation of Catholic charities helped to establish the connection with the Amazon. “We have established relationships with our employers. They trust us because we have people who have skills, ”Almond said.

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