Look for a job? NYC to make salary disclosure mandatory


STATEN ISLAND, NY – For decades, the overwhelming majority of large corporations have followed an unwritten rule: “Never give a salary on a public job listing. Frustrating to job seekers, the deliberate omission was seen as good etiquette and simply accepted. But unlike other societal taboos of “never revealing your age or weight,” this industry secret is about to be busted.

Under a new law passed by the New York City Council, which will take effect in April if not opposed by January 14, New York City employers will be required to include the minimum and maximum starting wages. for any advertised position, promotion or transfer. opportunity.

A complete game changer for those looking for a job, the law will end a one-sided hiring snafu that has often resulted in a arduous interview process and smaller-than-expected offers.

According to Forbesthe bill, which passed by 41 to 7 votes, states that employers who fail to disclose minimum and maximum pay ranges for New York-based positions engage in discriminatory practices and apply jobs in the private and public sectors. .

“The lack of pay transparency is discriminatory and anti-worker,” said Council member Helen Rosenthal. publication. “Every New Yorker should have the right to determine whether they will be able to support themselves and their families when they apply for a job. It’s time to level the playing field and restore some dignity to New Yorkers looking for a job.

There are already pay transparency laws in California and Colorado, Forbes notedand it’s likely that with New York on board, this trend will spread across the country.


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