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Eliminate the risk of excessive heat and air movement on your automated patio

A leading provider of reaction control solutions, Inheco has developed a new line of liquid-cooled devices designed to support closed systems.

Nextgen liquid handling systems are fully enclosed due to regulations and to protect chemistry from contamination.

Liquid cooling offers several advantages:

  • Reduced heat on deck – Waste heat is carried off the deck by the liquid loop and dissipated via the external heat exchanger, LC units have little or no adverse effect on deck temperature.
  • No air movement – Removing the fans eliminates the risk of displacing air and further distributing contaminants within the enclosure.
  • Wider temperature range – LC devices offer an extended temperature range – users can store enzymes at lower temperatures – even sub-zero
  • Quiet operation – Quiet operation of liquid-cooled devices reduces overall noise in the working environment.
  • Space saving – LC devices are space saving – lower profile reduces risk of device interfering with movement around deck
  • Easy modular installation – LC devices can be daisy-chained – 1 liquid loop is required for multiple devices with no performance drop

Contact Inheco to find the best liquid cooling solution for your laboratory:

  • CPLC – Heating/Cooling
  • Thermoshake AC-LC – a self-tightening heater/cooler/shaker (available Q3).

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