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John Shehata is the Global Vice President of Audience Development Strategy and CRM at Condé Nast. John also founded, an SEO software toolset for news publishers. But more importantly, John is a 20+ year SEO veteran with a deep passion for news SEO. We have talked long enough but the conversation goes very fast. Honestly, we didn’t even prepare in advance with the topics, we just went from topic to topic naturally. It was one of my smoothest vlogs in a while, but it often happens when the person you’re talking to is passionate about the topic.

In Part 1, we talked a bit about the early days of News SEO, but in Part 2, we covered how to rank in Google News, news SEO topics, and the value of Google Discover for publishers. Then in Part 3, we talked in more detail about its product named NewzDash and whether publishers will continue to use Google AMP after the page experience update. Finally, in the fourth part, we mainly focus on how other players in search marketing can advance their careers.

You can read more about John on LinkedIn and on Twitter. @JShehata.

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