Job Offer: White Sox Sports Biomechanics Analyst



Position: Sports Biomechanics Analyst

Place: Glendale, Arizona
Duration: Full time

Job overview:
The Chicago White Sox are looking for a passionate person to develop their skills in Biomechanics and Sports Science. As a Sports Biomechanics Analyst, you will lead and coordinate the collection and analysis of motion capture data at Glendale’s pitch and strike labs, while integrating markerless technologies and datasets and portable. The analyst will work closely with the player development, sports science and R&D teams to develop actionable training and insights to accelerate development paths, achieve peak performance and reduce risk of injury.


  • Research, develop and test methods and models based on kinematic and biomechanical data for the purposes of player and injury risk assessment.
  • Coordinate use and data collection in strike and pitch labs using MAC, Cortex and MatLab cameras.
  • Lead screening and data collection efforts with wearable technologies and markerless motion capture systems in the field for pitch, batter and performance reviews.
  • Process the collected motion capture data and compile player reports for dissemination to player development staff (coaches, coaches, physiotherapists).
  • Assist in biomechanical data analysis, report development, and guide long-term research efforts.
  • Perform regular biomechanics review sessions with staff and players with the goal of improving player performance and reducing the risk of injury.
  • Maintain and develop software packages to process and visualize biomechanical data with the principles of 3D physics (Matlab, Python).
  • Maintain all biomechanical motors for pitch analysis, batting analysis, performance testing and other terrain related analysis.
  • Assist in the identification, development and advancement of measurement techniques, processes, current scientific literature and emerging technologies.


  • BA / BS and Ph.D. (or BA / BS & 3 years experience) in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, physics or related field.
  • Working knowledge of motion capture technologies, force platforms and biomechanics as it relates to baseball.
  • In-depth knowledge of baseball operations and motor skills.
  • Experience in software development (Matlab, Python, R, SQL).
  • Previous experience working with large optical motion capture databases (MAC / Optitrak / Vicon / Bertec / AMTI).
  • Excellent track record in visualizing biomechanical datasets in an innovative way.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact directly with staff and players on a regular basis.
  • Passion for working with new motion tracking technologies.

To apply:
Interested candidates can send a cover letter, curriculum vitae and two references to [email protected].

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