Can you handle the heat? Japan’s one and only Curry College now welcomes new students


If you’re not good with Spice up, be sure to bring a gallon of milk with you to class.

Introduced via the British from India, Japanese curry is one of the best known and revered mainstays of Japanese cuisine. It’s plentiful, inexpensive, and ubiquitous across the country. And now, for curry fans who want to take their love to the next level, Japan’s only higher education institution dedicated to the satisfying dish, Curry College, is currently looking for the next generation of curry professionals.

Hosted by the General Curry Research Center, a Japanese institution dedicated to the study of cultural influence and adaptations of the popular dish, Curry College is rigorous eight-month training on the ins and outs of curry. From demonstration classes to business logistics of running a curry shop to even the history of Japanese curry, this is the perfect program for any curry lover, and so far Curry College has seen more. 1,500 students have registered and graduated from its scented rooms since its creation in 2014.

â–¼ A small sample provided by Curry College of wrapped curry alumni have made so far

Prospective students can register for three different courses: the General Course, the Curry Scholar Course and the Curry Audited Scholar Course. The General Course is the perfect catch-all program, whether you’re a hobbyist and just curry from a can or a seasoned veteran running a curry franchise, and students can look forward to a hybrid learning model of online webinars and in-person conferences. .

For people who have more knowledge about curry, whether as a restaurateur or an academic, the Curry Scholar course and the Curry Audited Scholar course offer a smaller, but highly focused range of courses, with the former comprising only curry research and the latter only offering in-person lectures.

▼ I looked at your CV, and it says you have a degree in… curry-ology?

Joking aside, you don’t really have a diploma to complete this course. On the contrary, Curry College is more like an intensive training unit for those who are happiest spending their working hours with the rich and complex spices that make up a delicious plate of Japanese curry.

Even without a degree, there are still a ton of different and exciting opportunities offered by the course, such as a short-term study abroad program at the Institute of Culinary Arts in New Delhi and the chance to network with key members of the country’s curry industry. We are sure that no matter what experience one has with curry, there is a lot to learn and gain from Curry College.

â–¼ And hey, at the end of the day, there’s nothing like enjoying a plate of freshly made curry.

The tuition fee for the general course at Curry College is 250,000 yen (US $ 2,260). The first rounds of applications are currently open until July 31, and people can apply online through the Curry College website here. If accepted, people can expect to start school from November 2021 and finish in April 2022. The competition seems tight, especially with only an acceptance pool of five total students, so consider working on your app soon if you’re interested, or you can always develop the next hottest curry bread cider instead. .

Source: Curry College via PR Times
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