Biden really wants a Russian invasion


Amid the growing threat of Russian military action against Ukraine, Tulsi Gabbard has come to the conclusion that President Biden and NATO leaders are eagerly awaiting an invasion of the US ally ordered by Putin.

Gabbard said Friday that all Biden had to do to prevent armed conflict in the region was to pledge that Ukraine would not join NATO. She claimed that since the nation is “very, very unlikely” to become a member anyway, Biden and the NATO allies should just say so, which they did not.

This leads to an important question, the former Hawaii congresswoman told Fox News host Tucker Carlson: “Why are we in this position then, if the answer to this and to preventing this war from happen is very clear as day?” She added: “It only points to a conclusion that I can see, which is [that] they actually want Russia to invade Ukraine.

Curiously, the Kremlin has also alleged that the United States and other Western countries are the ones yearning for a confrontation. One reason, according to Gabbard, is that “it gives the Biden administration a clear excuse to go and impose draconian sanctions, which is a modern siege against Russia and the Russian people.” Russia has also complained about the excessive nature of US sanctions.

“And number two,” continued Gabbard, “it cements this Cold War in place. The military-industrial complex is the one that benefits. They clearly control the Biden administration. Warmongers on both sides of Washington have stoked these tension.”

Over the past few months, Russia – which already annexed Crimea to Ukraine in 2014 and armed pro-Kremlin separatists who have taken over parts of eastern Ukraine – has gathered more than 100 000 troops near its border with that country. On Friday, the United States warned that an invasion could happen “at any time” and urged American citizens to leave within 48 hours. The Russian Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, has accused Western countries of spreading false information.


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