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Orange Coast College Associate Students are seeking students to serve on the Board of Trustees, Tax Board, and various government committees for the 2021-2022 school year. Online application closes September 27 at 12 p.m.

“Student government is a great way for students to get involved, represent other students, and organize student events to build a community around common interests,” said Julie Nguyen, Coordinator of the OCC student leadership. “Another aspect is to truly represent students on their needs, to listen to their concerns and to stand up for the student experience. “

Students applying for positions in the student government will be required to complete the agent application and engagement contract. They will also be required to submit a statement of intent and letter of recommendation, in addition to participating in a follow-up interview.

Currently, there are two Board Officer positions vacant: Vice President of Advocacy and Vice President of Diplomatic Affairs. Both of these positions would provide a beneficial experience for students interested in political science.

As the vice president of advocacy, the student leader chairs the advocacy committee. They are responsible for creating and uploading their meeting agendas in accordance with state laws, as well as instructing their committee on how to deal with issues and activities related to legislation and policies related to the affairs of the state. student government in the state and region. While attending meetings of statewide community college student organizations, the vice president of advocacy should act as the elected representative of the students.

The Vice President of Diplomatic Affairs position holds the student leader responsible for ensuring that there is a student representative on campus-wide committees. They are also responsible for forwarding the business of committee meetings to the Student Senate and the Executive Board.

Regardless of what vice president position a student chooses to apply for, his or her duty as a board member is to oversee the various divisions of the student government, lead meetings, and uphold the administrative values ​​of the ASOCC. To learn more about each of these positions, see the 2021-2022 Executive Board Officer application.

Those who join the Fiscal Affairs Council are responsible for the following tasks: reviewing and updating ASOCC tax guidelines that may raise concerns, overseeing ASOCC funds, and reviewing funding requests that are not. included in the annual budget of ASOCC. The Fiscal Affairs Council is ideal for students interested in business and accounting. Refer to the 2021-2022 Tax Affairs Council application for more information on this position.

There are currently vacant officer positions on the Advocacy Committee, College Life Committee and Interclub Council. ASOCC officers are expected to spend an average of three to four hours per week, whether it’s a two-hour committee meeting or setting up and organizing a ‘events planned by the relevant committee.

Advocacy Committee officers work closely with the Vice President of Advocacy to support or revise legislation at the local, state, and federal levels with respect to the overall success and well-being of the student community.

College Life Committee officers are responsible for planning and organizing campus events where students can strengthen their academic and social skills. Their goal is to encourage the OCC community to get involved on campus and create a memorable college experience. This committee is ideal for students who may have been involved in their high school student body.

The objective of the Inter-Club Council is to represent the clubs and organizations active in the OCC. One of their main goals is to encourage students to get involved in various groups on campus in order to enhance their OCC experience.

Additional information on each available committee can be found on the ASOCC 2021-2022 Agent Request.

Getting involved in student government has the ability to benefit students when they leave OCC.

“Many of our government officer students go to high schools,” Nguyen said. “It’s great to see how they use their experience of student government in their personal essays: how they have grown as leaders, what leadership skills they have developed, what initiatives they have taken through student government to bring. positive changes for the campus and for the student to live. ”

OCC Student Leadership Coordinator Julie Nguyen explains what membership in student government entails.

When the presence of COVID-19 forced campuses to switch to distance education in March 2020, ASOCC began operating virtually. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hamper the ability to return to campus, ASOCC will adhere to RCC guidelines and will continue to hold its scheduled meetings in a virtual setting until further notice.

Students can address any questions or concerns regarding this application process to the Student Life and Leadership Department at [email protected] or by phone at (714) 432-5730.

Follow ASOCC on Instagram @asocc. The OCC app allows students to interact with their peers and stay informed about the activities of campus life.



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